Be rewarded with endless privileges for shopping, dining, entertainment & parking around Bandar Utama with ONECARD, the only ONE you need!


What is ONECARD?

  • ONECARD Privileges+ is the Bandar Utama Loyalty Card that allows you to earn and redeem UPoints at over 600 ONECARD participating outlets in 1 Utama Shopping Centre, One World Hotel, 1 First Avenue, Centrepoint Neighbourhood Centre, The Club @ Bukit Utama and at Village Shops @ The Club.
  • Never worry about parking again! Enjoy ticketless parking, cheaper rates and exclusive ONECARD Preferred Parking with your ONECARD.
  • Reload cash into your ONECARD to enjoy the sports and golf facilities at The Club, Bukit Utama.
  • Children of ONECARD members can also get a ONECARD Kids+ completely FREE!
  • We are committed to providing you with more convenience, comfort, customer rewards and benefits to enhance your experience at our establishments located throughout the Bandar Utama Township.

Getting To Know You

  • Anyone can sign up to become a ONECARD member. Younger applicants (13 – 17 years old) may also apply with the permission of a parent or legal guardian.
  • Everyone loves being rewarded! Please complete your application form in full in order for us to customize rewards and privileges to meet your individual needs and wants.

6-Digit P.I.N Number

  • In order to protect your privacy and to keep your information safe, you may select a secret 6–Digit P.I.N Number that allows you to redeem your UPoints and access your transaction history. Please keep your 6-Digit P.I.N number secret at all times.
  • Why do I need a 6-Digit P.I.N?
    • To authorize redemption of UPoints for purchases at ONECARD outlets.
    • To access your ONECARD account for information and managing the account at all available access points to users.
    • To transfer UPoints to other ONECARD members.

Privileges & Benefits

Earn & Redeem UPoints

  • Earning of UPoints: RM 1 = 1UPoint
    When you shop at any ONECARD participating outlets in Bandar Utama, you accumulate UPoints, which is automatically converted into cash for your next purchase. Present your ONECARD every time you make a purchase to earn your UPoints. It's that easy!
  • Redemption of UPoints: 1 UPoint = RM0.01Members can use UPoints to make purchases at any ONECARD participating outlets! Simply enter your 6-Digit P.I.N Number for card verification and you can proceed to redeem your UPoints.

    Please note purchases amount made via UPoint Redemption are not entitled to earn UPoints.

    Not enough UPoints? Transfer or Receive UPoints from any ONECARD members NOW
  • Partial Redemption of UPoints
    Not enough UPoints? Not to worry! Partial redemption is available for members with insufficient UPoints in their card for a full redemption. Eg. For a product valued at RM100, members can redeem 5000 UPoints (RM50) and pay the balance of RM50 in cash or credit card (depending on the participating outlets).
    Do you know you can earn or redeem UPoints via eONECARD? Download our 1U App now.
  • Get a FREE Auto Renewal for 3-year membership when you earn or redeem ONECARD UPoints for 10 times within your last renewed membership period.

ONECARD Preferred Parking & Cheaper Rates

  • ONECARD can be used to enter and exit designated car parks at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, The Club @ Bukit Utama, One World Hotel, 1 First Avenue, Plaza IBM, KPMG Tower, 1 Tech Park and Centrepoint Neighbourhood Centre.
  • Enjoy cheaper parking rates of up to 50% and gain access to our members-only exclusive ONECARD Preferred Parking and ONECARD Preferred Parking+ areas. Preferred Parking, Rates & Location
  • Members must top up their ONECARD with Car Park Credits at any yellow Auto Pay Station (APS) in Bandar Utama, before using it for parking.

ONECARD Birthday Reward

  • Receive a Birthday Reward of UPoints worth RM5 when you earn or redeem ONECARD UPoints for a minimum of 36 transactions within the last 12 months of your Birthday.

ONECARD Exclusive Promotion & Publication

  • Exclusive invitations to ONECARD sale previews, invitation-only events, members-only offers and gift redemptions will be yours when you sign up for a ONECARD. Check out more promotions here
  • Members will also enjoy exclusive offers, instant discounts, promotions, rebates or multiple UPoints promotions when they shop at ONECARD participating outlets. Please click here to view the complete list of participating stores.
  • That’s not all! Get the latest news, fashion tips and events with our members-only publications - ONEstyle, allinONE and ONEbuzz. Enjoy our latest ONEstyle and ONEbuzz online or download ONEstyle on your iPAD.

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Reload UPoints For Usage Of Facilities At The Club

  • ONECARD members have full access to all golf and sporting facilities on weekdays at The Club @ Bukit Utama via UPoints Redemption with their ONECARD or by reloading UPoints if they do not have sufficient UPoints. Find out more about the opening hours, rates and facilities at

Preferred Parking

ONECARD Preferred Parking & ONECARD Preferred Parking+

  • Exclusive ONECARD members-only parking spots at ONECARD Preferred Parking @ 3rd Floor Rainforest Zone (via car park entrance opposite Central Park), Lower Ground Floor Centre Court Zone and Ground Floor Centre Court Zone (via open car park outside AEON).
  • ONECARD Preferred Parking+ is also available at Ground Floor, Centre Court Zone, Main Entrance (Open Car Park) outside AEON and Ground Floor, Highstreet Zone, Main Entrance (outside Delicious and Michael Kors). Car park rates are charged per entry.

ONECARD Express Parking

  • A quick stop over at the grocer's? Park at our new dedicated members only parking at ONECARD Express parking B1 Oval, Enjoy free parking when you park within an hour with minimum spending of RM20 at Cold Storage with ONECARD

Rates and Location

How do I Top Up my ONECARD for Parking?

  • Members may top up car park credits into their ONECARD via selected auto pay machines available within Bandar Utama. Parking charges will be deducted accordingly from the car park credits stored in your ONECARD.
  • Don’t forget! A minimum balance of RM5 Car Park Credits has to be maintained in your ONECARD before entering any of the Car Parks.
  • This is to minimize and avoid incidents of insufficient car park credits at exit points, as well as to ensure that customers may exit our car parks without any hassle or fuss.

How to use ONECARD for parking?

Entering / Exiting Car Park

Parking Step 1

Tap and hold ONECARD on reader till you hear a beep

Parking Step 2

Check display for
balance / fess

Parking Step 3

Drive through once
barrier is lifted

Topping Up

  • Top Up car park credits into your ONECARD at the yellow Auto Pay Stations (APS) around the mall.
  • Top Up: Select ONECARD TOP UP Button on the touch screen on APS, enter ONECARD into correct slot and select desired amount to Top Up.
  • Minimum Top Up amount is RM 5.


Car Park Rates

Parking @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre
(All fees are inclusive of GST)
Regular Parking Areas First 4 hours Every subsequent hour
Parking Ticket (Non-ONECARD) RM 2 RM 1
ONECARD Preferred Parking Areas First 4 hours Every subsequent hour
ONECARD only RM 3 RM 1
ONECARD Preferred Parking+ (cut off time 4am daily)
ONECARD Only RM 15 per entry
Dataran Parking (Mon - Fri)
ONECARD RM 2 per entry (cut off time 4am daily)
Parking Ticket (Non-ONECARD) RM 4 per entry (cut off time 4am daily)
Weekends & Public Holidays
ONECARD RM 1 (cut off time 4am daily)
Parking Ticket (Non-ONECARD) RM 2 (cut off time 4am daily)
Parking @ One World Hotel
Premier Parking
First hour RM 5
Every subsequent hour RM 3
Basement 1,2 & 3 ONECARD Paper Ticket
First hour RM 2 RM 4
Every subsequent hour RM 2 RM 3
Parking @ The Club, Bukit Utama
ONECARD Paper Ticket
1st hour of part thereof Free Free**
2nd - 4th hour of part thereof RM 1 RM 2
Every subsequent hour of part thereof RM 1 / hr RM 1 / hr
** Paper ticket users must validate their ticket before exit
Parking @ Centrepoint Neighbourhood Centre
ONECARD Paper Ticket
1st hour of part thereof Free Free**
2nd - 3rd hour of part thereof RM 1 RM 2
Every subsequent hour of part thereof RM 1 / hr RM 2 / hr
Weekends & Public Holidays Free Free
** No more After 6pm Free Parking
Parking @ 1 First Avenue
Mon - Fri First hour Every subsequent hour
Parking Ticket (Non-ONECARD) RM 4 RM 3
Weekends & Public Holidays First 4 hours Every subsequent hour
Parking Ticket (Non-ONECARD) RM 2 RM 1
Parking @ Plaza IBM/ KPMG Tower
Basement 1,2 & 3 ONECARD Paper Ticket
First hour RM 2 RM 4
Every subsequent hour RM 2 RM 3
Parking @ 1 Tech Park
Outdoor Parking Zone (Mon - Sun) First 2 hours Every subsequent 2 hours
Parking Ticket (Non-ONECARD) RM 1 RM 1
Parking @ 1Powerhouse
Mon - Fri First 4 hours Every subsequent hour
Parking Ticket (Non-ONECARD) RM 4 RM 3
Weekends & Public Holidays First 4 hours Every subsequent hour
Parking Ticket (Non-ONECARD) RM 2 RM 1

How to Apply

Join our ONECARD Family now!

Sign up now for either a 3-year membership at RM20 or a 5-year membership ONECARD at RM30 at Concierge, 3rd Floor Highstreet or any of our Customer Service Centre located at Ground Floor Highstreet or 2nd Floor Centre Court.

Check out more on Terms & Conditions.