Shop and go cashless with 1PAY, the smarter mobile payment for ONECARD members.

1PAY Facts

Get to Know 1PAY

  • A ONECARD digital wallet that allows members to make electronic transactions for purchases at 1PAY participating outlets in 1 Utama City.
  • Earn UPoints for all 1PAY payment transactions.
  • Pay for purchases by scanning a QR code via the 1 Utama SuperApp at 1PAY outlets.
  • Every 1PAY e-Wallet stores CASH balance of up to a maximum of RM4,999 at any one time.
  • 1PAY allows ONECARD members to link cards, top up, receive and transfer money.
  • 1 Utama SuperApp can be downloaded on App Store, Google Play and AppGallery. Android users – Version 5 & above OR iOS users with Version 11 & above.
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Getting Started with 1PAY

Getting Started 1
Download / Update & Log In

Download or Update 1 Utama SuperApp via Huawei App Gallery, App Store or Google Play Store. Then, log in to your ONECARD account with your login password.

Getting Started 2
Set your Security

Set your Security Question and Payment PIN for 1PAY E-Wallet transactions.

Getting Started 3

Activate your 1PAY E-Wallet.

Getting Started 4
Pay with 1PAY E-Wallet

Head over to your favourite 1PAY store and shop cashless with your mobile.


Scan & Pay

1PAY Feature Scan & Pay
  • Go cashless and pay for purchases by scanning merchant’s QR code at participating outlets. It’s that simple!
  • Earn UPoints instantly for 1PAY
  • Remember your Payment PIN every time you transact!
  • Daily e-Wallet (CASH) in a 1PAY transaction is set at RM4,999 per transaction per day.

Add Cards

1PAY Feature Add Card
  • Shop without your wallets by just linking your debit / credit cards or even bank account in your 1PAY E-Wallet.
  • Pay directly with your cards or bank account linked to your 1PAY E-Wallet.

Top Up

1PAY Feature Add Card
  • Top Up money into your 1PAY E-Wallet when your balance is insufficient.
  • You can now top up your Car Park Credits via 1PAY e-Wallet too.
  • Enable auto top up setting when your 1PAY balance and Car Park Credits fall under a certain amount set by you. Choose your preferred debit / credit cards or bank account to make a top up transaction.
  • Choose your preferred debit / credit cards or bank account to make a top up transaction.
  • Store CASH balance of up to RM4,999 in your 1PAY E-Wallet and RM100 for Car Park Credits.

Receive & Transfer

1PAY Feature Add Card
  • Receive or transfer money to and from your friends & family within a few clicks.
  • Select from your contacts or Send QR code with the amount desired and share it with your friend via WhatsApp / email.
  • Scan your friend’s QR code to transfer money to your friend instantly.


1PAY Feature Valet
  • Hassle-Free valet parking with 1PAY.
  • Send advance notification for car collection to Valet Operator and your car will be ready when you get there.


1PAY Feature Utilities
  • This feature is for selected members only.
  • If you are resident in selected residential properties in Bandar Utama, you can pay your utilities bill via 1PAY e-Wallet (applicable for direct pull payment from linked debit, credit cards or online banking only).


1PAY Feature Booking
  • Purchase tickets or book selected leisure & entertainment activities at your fingertips.